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Christmas Gift Guide 2023

I can't believe we're here again!   I'm very disorganised this year, I turned 50 a few weeks ago and it's taken up lots of my time.  I wanted to really mark the occasion so I've had a very good 50th year and Christmas hasn't really been on my mind personally or professionally. We do have another big birthday coming up in November. Fred of 'ollie and fred' is 80 so there's lots of party planning and weekends away coming up!  What a year 2023 has been, I definitely need to spend less in 2024!  


Here are some Christmas gift ideas to help inspire you, and maybe fix a problem or two when it comes to those difficult to buy for family members, friends or partners.  I've also added in a section on secret santa gifts which may include a little gift from me. 


I can send a Christmas present directly to the recipient, beautifully gift-wrapped, with a handwritten personalised message so just let me know if you'd like to do this via the gift section when ordering or drop me an email (

Happy Christmas, Kath x

white fairisle.jpg

Lambswool scarves

My lambswool scarves are very good quality and will last for years and years.  I've had mine for three years now and it's still looks exactly the same!


Lambswool is amazing, although I didn't discover all of its naturally occurring properties until I started to research the benefits of it.


Lambswool regulates your body temperature. If you're hot it will keep you cool and dry by transferring the moisture and heat away from your body.  If you're cold it will insulate you and retain the heat.

Lambswool has a water-repellent outer layer.

Lambswool is stain-resistant. Dirt can be easily cleaned away as it sits on the fabric's surface.

Lambswool is a great choice for asthma or allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

Lambswool will never melt like synthetic fabrics because it's naturally flame resistant.


I've got loads of different bright and colourful scarf designs.  All my lambswool scarves are made in Scotland at a family run mill and are delivered gift-wrapped in tissue paper.

me fairisle.jpeg
kath forest 3.jpg

Rainbow scarf - bloom

Rainbows are such a positive symbol of hope, unity and love.  As well as representing the LGBT community they have taken on a new significance recently due to COVID. 


My 'bloom' rainbow scarf is soft, cheerful and delicate.  It is a fantastic gift to send to a loved one to brighten their day and make them smile.

This scarf is delivered boxed and gift-wrapped.  Please let me know at checkout if you'd like to add a free personalised handwritten message.

me in bloom2.jpg

Suffragette scarf - sylvia

One of my best sellers.  Each of the distinctive colours has a specific meaning relating to the Suffragette movement in the UK: green for hope, white for purity, and purple for loyalty.  


The 'sylvia' Suffragette scarf is named after Sylvia Pankhurst.  It's soft and delicate, being made from a blend of silk and modal.  I donate 20% of profit from all sales of the 'sylvia' Suffragette scarf to The Pankhurst Trust in Manchester (the birth place of the Suffragette movement)

This scarf can be posted through the letterbox, gift-wrapped in tissue paper and I can include a personalised handwritten gift message. 


It's a great gift idea for women in business, feminists, history teachers, history students, grandmother's, mum's, daughter's, sister's....the list goes on.

me in sylvia.jpg
socks flat resize.jpeg

Bee-striped socks

Not many of these lovely bright and fun socks left now - only available in large and extra large sizes.  I've had football fans from across the world buying my black and yellow striped socks, for teams as far afield as Burton Albion and Borussia Dortmund! 


And if you're looking for a gift for a Mancunian or bee lover then look no further.


 They go very well with a pair of docs and make great stocking fillers!

socks resized in docs.jpeg

Lightning bolt scarf

New for Christmas 2020, this lightning bolt scarf is influenced by the iconic David Bowie character, Aladdin Sane.


The scarf is super soft and delicate.  It's a perfect gift for any music fan.



Neck Warmers

I'm in love with my new neck warmers or are they snoods, neck gaiters or a buff?  So many names for these things! They come in four amazing colours - navy, denim, grey and a Christmassy red.  I love wearing mine at home during the day to keep me warm so that I don't have to keep cranking the heating up!  They don't dangle in front of you the same way that a scarf does so they're very handy if you're crafting or just sat working at your laptop.  They're made from 100% Merino wool but they are very lightweight so you don't get too hot.  

They make fantastic gifts for cyclists, walkers, builders, people who work from home, gardeners and they're very stretchy so they're suitable for men and women. Get yours here.

denim neck warmer resize_edited.jpg
jon navy neck warmer resized.jpg


NStunning throws and blankets to help keep you lovely and warm.  They make fantastic gifts and will last for years and years.  A brilliant size to place on your knee during the evening or placed on the armchair of the sofa.  Lots of beautiful colours to choose from.

multi throw 2.jpg
grey and yellow sofa.jpg

Wool Baby Blankets

A big thank you to my gorgeous great niece for modelling my beautiful wool baby blankets.  They make lovely Christmas gifts and will keep your baby toasty and warm.  Wool is a breathable, natural material that is hypoallergenic and helps to regulate body temperature.

It is also flame-resistant and comes in 5 stunning neutral colours. Click on the photos to have a look at the lovely colours.


 beautifullyStunning throws and blankets to help keep you lovely and warm.  They make fantastic gifts and will last for years and years.  A brilliant size to place on your knee during the evening or placed on the armchair of the sofa.  Lots of beautiful colours to choose from.

etta 2.jpeg

Secret Santa

I have low stock on quite a few products that I won't be replacing.  I only have large and extra large sizes in my wilton bee socks.  I also have a handful of scarves that are slight seconds. 


I have reduced these products down to £10 each but only on the secret santa page of my website which can only be accessed through the link below.  So if you know any Mancunians, bowie fans, Pink Floyd fans or bee lovers and you need a secret santa for a tenner then look no further!



 Click here for secret santa bargains!

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