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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Do you need some Mother's Day gift inspiration?  If you're looking for something unique or a gift that celebrates your mum's personality, values or style then check out my ideas below - click on the photos for more details. 

Are you looking for a gift which includes a charity donation?  I donate 20% of profit to The Pankhurst Trust,  The Mayor of Greater Manchester's homelessness charity (Andy Burnham) A Bed Every Night from sales of the lomax lambswool scarf and the sylvia suffragette scarf. Each gift-wrapped scarf is delivered with a sticker or note inside to explain the charitable donation.

All orders are gift-wrapped in tissue paper

Add a free personalised gift message using the option at checkout.

sylvia - suffragette scarf


I have always been surrounded by strong independent women.  I don't know if it's Manchester thing or not but growing up surrounded by resilient females in my family and characters like Bet Lynch on our TV definitely made a difference to me. 


I think the suffragette scarf is a lovely gift to give to your mum.  It's a great way to show you listened to all of the great advice and values she taught you.

20% of profit is donated to The Pankhurst Trust in Manchester.

me in sylvia2.jpg

Wool blankets

Stunning pure wool blankets in beautiful colours, made in the UK.  I am always cold apart from about 3 months of the year! These gorgeous blankets will keep you mum warm throughout winter but they can also be used in the garden through the summer months.  A throw can add warmth, colour, texture and pattern to a home, creating a welcoming and inviting cosy space.  A lovely, thoughtful Mother's Day gift to keep her cosy all year round. 

grey and yellow sofa.jpg
kath grey.jpg
me fairisle.jpeg

Lambswool scarves

I have a fantastic selection of lambswool scarves. 


Scarves aren't just for winter!  They're great with a blazer in spring and they're more cost effective than turning up the heating during the day if you live in a cold house.


Crafted from 100% pure new wool in Scotland.

Furry clutch bag

I love this fluffy bundle of joy so much!  

The honey is handcrafted in Devon using very

high quality faux fur.


These purses make such a great present. 


Every time I take one out I get lots of lovely comments. 

honey flat close up.jpg
me in bloom2.jpg

Rainbow scarf

Does your mum love to love? This scarf is full of positivity, the bright colours make you smile and the rainbow represents love, acceptance and diversity. My mum has this scarf and it's her absolute favourite. 

The rainbow scarf is named bloom after Bloom St in Manchester's gay village.

Very limited stock available.

Neck Warmers

These lovely 100% Merino wool neck warmers are extremely lightweight and very fine.  They keep you lovely and warm but without being too bulky.  They make great Mother's Day gifts for cyclists, crafters, people who work from home but don't want the heating on all day! Made in Scotland and available in red, denim and navy.

grey close up.jpg
yellow packaging resize.jpg

All orders are gift-wrapped in tissue paper. 

Add a free personalised gift message using the option at checkout.

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