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Thank you so much to the amazing Jade at The Bespoke Bard for including ollie and fred in this fantastic poem encouraging people to buy from independents, makers and artists.  The #JustaCard campaign is so important and I'd encourage everyone to follow and support such a wonderful community.

The Bespoke Bard - The Shop Small Shopping List

This year, it is my sole ambition

To encourage new habits and buying traditions.

I've heard there's a retail revolution

And independents are the solution.

I've made you all a shopping list

Of products I've found with a unique twist...

Kyra Stratoudaki's studio

Has amazing mugs for on the go.

Need something to chase away clouds and gloom?

Go find some colour at Oragami Blooms.

Next, on to Woolly Wonderland

For creations to warm your feet and hands.

There are scarves and purses sure to turn heads

In the Instagram squares of ollie and fred.

For a jug or bowl that will make your day,

Look no further than Buttons and Clay.

Last stop, Rosie Johnson Illustrates, 

Her products (and sense of humour!) are great.

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