Christmas Gift Guide 2020

I absolutely love Christmas but it's fair to say that Christmas 2020 is going to be a strange one.  COVID has changed the way we live so much and there are lots of things we usually do as a family that just won't be possible this year.  We have been to the Manchester Opera House panto every year for as long as I can remember.  It's a day out we all really enjoy and it marks the start of Christmas for me. I'll really miss it.


I also make sure I always get to the Manchester Christmas markets for at least one mulled wine every year.  I'll miss standing in the freezing cold with my friends, an overpriced hot wine in my hand, waiting for the first person to crack and suggest we find a nice warm pub.  It's all part of the fun, and I think the lack of socialising at Christmas will be hard for everyone.  We'll have to find new traditions and the markets, theatres and carol singing will have to wait until next year.  


I hope whatever you're doing you still have fun and enjoy some festive celebrations.  Please remember to shop small where you can and show your support for independent businesses to help them survive.  


Here are some Christmas gift ideas to help inspire you, and maybe fix a problem or two when it comes to those difficult to buy for family members, friends or partners.  Delivery is free in the UK and I can send a Christmas present directly to the recipient, beautifully gift-wrapped, with a handwritten personalised message.  


Happy Christmas, Kath x

Lambswool scarves

My lambswool scarves are very good quality and will last for years and years.  I've had mine for three years now and it's still looks exactly the same!


Lambswool is amazing, although I didn't discover all of its naturally occurring properties until I started to research the benefits of it.


Lambswool regulates your body temperature. If you're hot it will keep you cool and dry by transferring the moisture and heat away from your body.  If you're cold it will insulate you and retain the heat.

Lambswool has a water-repellent outer layer.

Lambswool is stain-resistant. Dirt can be easily cleaned away as it sits on the fabric's surface.

Lambswool is a great choice for asthma or allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

Lambswool will never melt like synthetic fabrics because it's naturally flame resistant.


I've got loads of different scarf designs including skull scarves, star scarves, striped scarves and bright, colourful scarves - there's something for everyone.  All my lambswool scarves are made in Scotland at a family run mill and are delivered gift-wrapped in tissue paper.

me in blossom two.jpg
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The Manchester worker bee scarf

The Manchester worker bee scarf is a lovely gift for Mancunians or bee lovers.  It features my favourite version of the Manchester bee, with a lovely mosaic pattern inspired by the tiling in Manchester Town Hall. 

Lots of people have bought this scarf for Mancunians who are living away from the city - it's a great way to remind them of home.


I have two versions of this scarf: a larger scarf which is made from 100% wool and a skinny version which is soft and silky.


20% of profit from sales of the Manchester worker bee scarf is donated to the Lord Mayor of Manchester's We Love MCR charity fund.

The scarf is beautifully gift-wrapped in tissue paper, boxed and delivered free of charge in the UK.  Please let me know if you'd like to add a free personalised handwritten message.

I have been granted a licence by Manchester City Council to use 'the Manchester Bee' mark.

Rainbow scarf - bloom

Rainbows are such a positive symbol of hope, unity and love.  As well as representing the LGBT community they have taken on a new significance recently due to COVID. 


My 'bloom' rainbow scarf is soft, cheerful and delicate.  It is a fantastic gift to send to a loved one to brighten their day and make them smile.

This scarf is delivered free in the UK, boxed and gift-wrapped.  Please let me know at checkout if you'd like to add a free personalised handwritten message.

Suffragette scarf - sylvia

One of my best sellers.  Each of the distinctive colours has a specific meaning relating to the suffragette movement in the UK: green for hope, white for purity, and purple for loyalty.  


The 'sylvia' suffragette scarf is soft and delicate, being made from a blend of silk and modal.  I donate 20% of profit from all sales of the 'sylvia' suffragette scarf to The Pankhurst Trust.

This scarf can be posted through the letterbox and is delivered free in the UK. It is gift-wrapped in tissue paper, boxed, and I can include a personalised handwritten gift message. 


It's a great gift idea for women in business, feminists and people who admire strong Manchester women like Sylvia Pankhurst.

whitworth scarf

Looking for a music-inspired gift? The whitworth scarf is influenced by the sound wave image Joy Division used on the cover of their first album, Unknown Pleasures.


This is a double sided scarf which has the print on both sides.  There is also a double sided skinny version.

20% of profit from sales of this scarf is donated to Manchester Mind.

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Bee-striped socks

These bright and fun socks make great stocking fillers.  I've had football fans from across the world buying my black and yellow striped socks, for teams as far afield as Burton Albion and Borussia Dortmund! 


And if you're looking for a gift for a Mancunian or bee lover then look no further.


The bee-striped socks are available in sizes 5-12 and made in Wales.

bumble flat.jpg

Fluffy faux fur purses

The 'bumble' and 'honey' purses are super soft and luxurious.  They are made in Devon with the most beautifully high quality faux fur.


There are two sizes, a coin purse (bumble) and a larger clutch (honey).  Both come in bee-striped faux fur and feature a fun bee zipper.


A perfect gift for bee lovers. 


Lightning bolt scarf

New for Christmas 2020, this lightning bolt scarf is influenced by the iconic David Bowie character, Aladdin Sane.


The scarf is super soft and delicate.  It's a perfect gift for any music fan.


me ziggy 4.jpg

Here are some Christmas gift and Secret Santa gift ideas to help inspire you, and maybe fix a problem or two when it comes to those difficult to buy for family members, friends or partners.